Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to extend our warm invitation to everyone in the field of crop science to attend the 7th International Crop Science Congress (7th ICSC), which is scheduled on August 14-19, 2016, Beijing, China.

Crop production has been closely related with human life, national economy, and social progress. Under the deteriorative condition of reduced arable lands, insufficient water, and frequent natural disasters in recent years, the demand for grains is rapidly growing. Promoting scientific and technological progress to ensure food security has become the consensus of all the countries in the world. Further challenges come from the climate change, which poses new requirement for sustainable crop production. Being a large country for grain production, processing, and consumption, China attached great importance to crop science research. More input is accompanied by the amazing breakthroughs in crop breeding, cultivation, and biotechnology, like insect-resistant cotton research, and super-rice breeding. It is our cordial expectation to interact and collaborate with the international counterparts to share experience in all aspects relating with crop science research.

International Crop Science Congress (ICSC), namely the “Olympic for Crop Science” is convened every four years to exchange ideas and experiences, and develop new avenues for crop science research. The 1st ICSC was held in Ames, Iowa State, USA. And the following events were in India, Germany, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil. 7th ICSC is the first of its event which will be held in China, which is such a great honor for us. “Crop Science – Innovation and Sustainability” will be the Congress theme, and the scientific topics will cover crop germplasm and evolution, crop genetics and genomics, crop biotechnology, breeding and seed production, agronomy and crop physiology, climate change and sustainability, crop quality and processing, crop production and socioeconomic aspects.

Beijing, the capital of China, is the country’s political, cultural and international exchange center, and is especially noted for its unique cultural fascination. The splendid Great Wall, majestic Palace Museum, spectacular Summer Palace and ancient culture in the setting of a modern metropolis of hospitable Chinese people will surely stand out in the memory of every participant.

We believe your active participation will greatly contribute to the success of this congress.

Look forward to meeting you in Beijing.

Dr. Huqu Zhai
President of the Crop Science Society of China
Chairman of the Organizing Committee, 7th ICSC