Field Trip

Field Trip is scheduled on the afternoon of August 17, 2016 and included in the registration fee. Please fill the registration form at the Field Trip Registration Platform by 12:00, August 16, 2016. No application is accepted after the deadline.

Details are as follows:

1. Start Time: 14:00, August 17, 2016. Please follow the volunteer of your group. 2. Bus Station: The front of the main building at BICC. 3. Visiting Route: There are five visiting routes.

Route 1: Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (ICS-CAAS)

Maximum capacity: 100 persons Time needed: 1.5 h

14:30–14:40Welcome and a brief introduction of ICS-CAAS
14:40–15:20Labs of the National Key Facility for Crop Gene Resources and Genetic Improvement
15:20–16:00The National Genebank of China
Scientific Program
Scientific Program
Scientific Program







Route 2: The Crop Research Facility in CAS-Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Physiology,

Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IB-CAS)


Maximum capacity:50 persons Time needed: 2.5 h

14:30–14:40Arrived at IB-CAS by coach (provided by the conference)
14:40–14:50Location 1: Field Research facility for rice, corn and soybean
14:50–15:00Location 2: Waterproof drought tolerance research facility for corn
15:00–16:00Location 3: Fully controlled indoor LED-lighted growth rooms
16:00–16:20Core facility for proteomics, metabolomics and microscopy
16:20–16:30Tea Break: drinks and fruits served at meeting room E202
16:30–17:00A short introduction about IB-CAS and KLPMP, given by Chun-Ming Liu


Note: people interested in visiting botanic garden can have free time to visit, and come back to the congress hotel by taxi; others can take the coach back to the hotel right away.


Route 3: National Experiment Station for Precision Agriculture, Beijing Academy of

Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (BAAFS)


Maximum capacity: 100 persons Time needed: 2 h

14:30–14:40Research facility area and seeding cultivation area of ornamental grass
14:40–15:00Ornamental and bio-energy grass germplasm resource nursery and demonstration
15:00–15:20Agricultural intelligent equipment laboratory
15:20–15:40Intelligent agricultural machinery demonstration
15:40–16:10Varieties of maize cultivars field demonstration
16:10–16:30Watch advertising video and taste different types of fresh maize



Route 4: Shangzhuang Experiment Station of China Agricultural University

Maximum capacity: 100 persons Time needed: 2 h

14:30-15:00 Maize visit
15:00–16:00Rice visit
16:00–16:30Cotton visit



Route 5: Da Bei Nong Group

Maximum capacity: 50 persons Time needed: 2.5 h

14:30–14:50DBN seed health lab visit
14:50–15:10DBN biotechnology lab visit
15:10–15:30DBN genome editing lab visit